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Are you just starting out? Grab this free mini-course . Start learning how to play guitar immediately, right now, no waiting for weeks for your first lesson with a private instructor. Start right now, instantly, from the protection and comfort of your own home. 

Wondering if you can do it?

Wondering if I am the right instructor for you?

Wondering if you can learn online without a live in-person instructor at your side?

Not sure if video lessons will work for you?

Gain instant access to this free mini-guitar-course .

It's a sampling of the Guitar90 Easy Learning System. You will get the introduction (Beginner Guitarist Survival kit), and the entire contents of chapter one (including pdf's, mp3's, and all the videos) from the Guitar90 Easy Learning System.

Prove to yourself that you can learn how to play guitar using this breakthrough method called the Guitar90 Easy Learning System.

No credit cards, no deposits, no trial, it's absolutely free . Just enter your name and email to get instant access and start learning how to play guitar today!

You can do it... I believe in you!

READY FOR MORE? Will you be my next student to learn guitar in just 90 days? Go from Beginner to Intermediate in your guitar skills very rapidly with a full Monthly Guitar Coach Membership. Your membership includes the Guitar90 Easy Learning System Course, 24/7 access to a community of students like you who are learning guitar, and live group guitar coaching 2x's per month with Jon Kapity.

To Learn More and join the membership with a one-time lifetime access investment, or a low monthly membership investment go to today!

Jon Kapity
Your Monthly Guitar Coach
Author of the Guitar90 Easy Learning System

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Online Guitar Coach

4 Live Online 60 min Personalized Guitar Lessons via Zoom w/Jon Kapity (May have other options available if Zoom is not an option for you in your country).

If you want more than a guitar course and group coaching...if you want personalized one on one attention from me, Jon Kapity, than this is a great add-on for you!

Two Guitar Lessons per month for two consecutive months = Four consecutive one-to-one lessons to give you a jump start on overcoming obstacles, hurdles, and confusion while learning to play guitar. 

Save 50% by adding this offer to your Guitar90 Easy Learning System Course Purchase now. (Normally $100/lesson)

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Guitar90 Easy Learning System

Guitar Learning Made Easy. The Beginners Choice! Proven for beginners ages 7-67. Learn incredibly fast, have fun, lessons that sound like actual music. Step by step lessons to guide you through the learning process. Students love the curriculum and rave about the lessons. Now you can enjoy learning how to play guitar. 

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