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Your First Song "Ode to Joy."

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Ode to Joy

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Course Structure

2 Lessons

Beginner Guitarist Survival Kit

Set the proper foundation on guitar to advance quickly through the course material. 

Acoustic Guitar Parts

Electric Guitar Parts

Two Survival Tips

Learn how to read Guitar Tabs (the number system)

Position Playing

Learn how to read Chord Diagrams

Plan Your Practice and Practice Your Plan

SNARK your guitar (Tuning)

The Secret Magic Rock Chord

*Comes with a video and pdf's

Beginner Guitarist Survival Kit

The Beginner Guitarist Survival Kit

Learn How to Hold a Guitar/Pick

Learn How to Hold a Guitar and How to Hold a Pick.

Very important to setting the proper foundation in learning how to play guitar. 

1 Chapter

Guitar90 Easy Learning System Introduction

Included is Chapter One of the Guitar90 Easy Learning System. 

Test it, try it, sample it, all for free.

Prove to yourself the Guitar90 Easy Learning System is the best way for you to learn how to play guitar. 

Chapter One of the Guitar90 Easy Learning System 6 Lessons

Ode to Joy

Learn your first song on guitar. 

Happy Birthday Song

Learn your first performance piece on guitar.

Rhythm Training Basics Part 1-A

Learn the basics (an introduction) on Rhythm.

Rhythm Training Basics Part 1-B

Take your new knowledge about rhythm and apply it to the guitar. 

Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern No. 1

Learn your first scale on the guitar. 

Chord Study No. 1

Learn your first 3 guitar chords and a song you can play using those chords. 

This is your second performance piece. 

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