Simple Step-by-Step Guitar Lessons To Help Beginners Learn Quickly.

Everything you need to know to learn and enjoy guitar for a lifetime while becoming the envy of all your friends & family.






The Guitar Learning Journey

To Learn How to Play Guitar, the Songs You Love Most, and Become the Envy of Your Friends and Family, You Have to Master the Basics of Guitar First

But there's a problem...

  • You may have small hands/chunky fingers
  • Fingers hurt when pressing the strings
  • Fret buzz & dead notes from bad technique
  • Ineffective practice routines
  • Confusion from all available choices
  • Lack of Motivation when it gets hard
  • Defeated mindset when it doesn't make sense
  • Inability to take action when you need help

Monthly Guitar Coach Is A
Guitar Course + Exclusive Community + Live Group Coaching

All-in-One Program

  • A step by step path to follow
  • A simple to use practice planner
  • Fret buzz & dead note elimination
  • Greatly reduced finger pain
  • Crushes hand/finger size myth
  • Propels students to take action
  • Promotes positive mindset
  • Provides clarity & motivation

With Monthly Guitar Coach you will gain more confidence, feel accomplished, experience more joy, and become the envy of your friends and family when they witness your new talent on guitar.

What we do

We teach you how to play guitar much faster than you thought possible.

Proven curriculum will have you strumming your favorite songs in no time. You don't need to take private lessons for years and years to accomplish your goals on guitar. You need a proven system for beginners. After 4 years studying my students and how they learn, I spent 4 years developing and testing a simple step-by-step program designed specifically for beginner guitarist who want or have a need to learn guitar very quickly. Once a student has completed the program (typically 3 to 12 months dependent on how much time is invested), they will have the all the skills needed to enjoy, learn, and play their favorite songs. 

Choose Monthly or Lifetime

With two options to choose from, learning guitar fits everyones budget. Choose from a monthly or lifetime plan. 

Get Immediate Access

It's easy, it's quick, you get immediate access. Get started today in just a few minutes. What are you waiting for?

Start Learning guitar

24/7 access, start right now, today. Learn at your pace, on your schedule. It's a course + community + live group coaching. 

Stay in the Protection and Comfort of Your Own Home. Jam in your Jammies if Desired!

Save Time: No Traveling

No more traveling to and from private lesson instructors. No more time wasted on Youtube and Google trying to understand all the free content to learn guitar. Save yourself hours of frustration. Spend more time with your family again while enjoying a fun hobby. Now your child can learn from home. Keep the family schedule on track again. No more having to figure out how to be 2 or 3 places all at the same time...Yes! I have been there, I have four kids. I understand the struggle. I created this system to make things easier for you and still have access to a live instructor to get your most pressing questions answered and to get past any hurdles you may face along the way. This is a done with you program. You are not alone to figure this out all by yourself. You will have instructor access.

Save $: no gas needed to get to class

Not only will you save 35% or more on lessons, you will also save on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and you will gain back precious time in travel and waiting for students to complete their lessons. 

Save $: Save 35% or more on typical lesson rates will save over 35% of typical private lesson rates every month. Start adding up your savings...cha-ching $$$. The current national average in the USA for lessons is $100+ per month. At one time my rates were $197/month. Now you can learn for just $67/month. This is a BRAND NEW OFFER. You will get pdf lesson sheets, and mp3's that you can listen to, download, and/or print out. If you are happy and you are learning, simply continue lessons on a month-to-month basis. It's that easy. 

New Method --> LEARN FASTER

I spent 4 years developing and testing a revolutionary way to learn guitar called the Guitar90 Easy Learning System which has been wildly successful with students ages 7-70. Bypass years of struggle. Stop filtering through hundreds of thousands of videos on Youtube to find the ones that help you learn how to play the guitar. Get a tested, proven, fun and entertaining system for learning how to play guitar quickly and easily, from the comfort and safety of your own home. Learn everything you need to know for a lifetime of enjoyment on the guitar. Study at your own pace. The Guitar90 Easy Learning System is designed for completion within ninety days, six months, or twelve months depending on your available time and level of commitment to the program. 

why we do it

I've been where you are! confusion, frustration, slow progress, who do you trust online...etc.

Eliminate confusion, frustration, and slow progress once and for all! Now you can stop wasting your precious time trying to piece-meal lesson content to learn on your own. With searches producing hundred of thousands to millions of results how do you know what lessons and instructors to learn from? As a teacher I have found so many terrible lessons giving wrongful instruction online. There is also a lot of great content out there too, but you have to be a teacher to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Free is NOT Cheaper. Free is often far more expensive. Your time is precious and irreplaceable. You need an organized, tested, proven system to learn quickly so you can get to the fun quickly.  Play your favorite songs, jam with friends, play for family, relax and enjoy music at a deeper level just for yourself. You can have it all, and get results quickly. Monthly Guitar Coach is a proven program for ages 7 to 70. Learn with your son or daughter. Have siblings take lessons together. Add this program to your Homeschool curriculum. The possibilities are endless. One membership for the entire household for less than typical rates of just one student.

I Unlocked the Secrets that Hold Beginners Back. Learn Fast and Have Fun Every Step Along the Way!

Every lesson is designed with fun in mind. Even the simplest of lessons in the very beginning actually sound like real music that you can be proud to entertain your family and friends with. Now everyone can enjoy your hobby with you when they hear the great sounding music you are learning in your lessons. They won't be annoyed while you learn guitar, in fact they may want to learn with you. I have seen that over and over with my students. Their family members get excited and join in the fun with them. Their friends get excited and they join up too! It's a blast when you have the right learning program!

  • Imagine playing your guitar with ease
  • Imagine enjoying family fun with guitar
  • Imagine being able to play the songs you love
  • Imagine joining your local worship team
  • Imagine being the life of the party
  • Imagine playing in an acoustic duo
  • Imagine playing in a band and/or songwriting
  • Imagine bringing joy to others with music

Choose Monthly or Lifetime

With two options to choose from, learning guitar fits everyones budget. Choose from a monthly or lifetime plan. 

Get Immediate Access

It's easy, it's quick, you get immediate access. Get started today in just a few minutes. What are you waiting for?

Start Learning guitar

24/7 access, start right now, today. Learn at your pace, on your schedule. It's a course + community + live group coaching. 


What they say

Scot O.

Student - Adult Learning Program

I spent 3 years learning learning from Jon Kapity. I'm 48 years old and have wanted to play guitar forever. Jon's attention and desire to teach is unsurpassed by any other teacher I've been to. Jon constantly goes out of his way to help his students including how it feels to be a real musician. He is always caring and takes the time to get to know his students and what they want to achieve. His teaching practices are focused. I would not look for another music teacher. Monthly Guitar Coach is the place to be.

Peggy K.

Mom of Student

My son took guitar lessons from Jon Kapity for about 5 years. My son didn't even know what a chord was when he started with his teacher and now he is learning to write his own songs and he plays and leads worship in our church band. My son's teacher is great at encouraging while keeping my son accountable if he doesn't practice enough. My son LOVES playing the guitar and looks forward to his lessons every week.

Amanda P.

Mom of Students (2)

Jon's experience and expertise coupled with his friendly demeanor and patience make him a very good music instructor. He genuinely cares about the kids he teaches and he works very hard for each of them. Having a house full of kids himself, he knows what makes kids tick and how to reach them on a personal level to help them succeed. He is very encouraging.

Austin w.


Jon is a wonderful instructor! I have been with him for 6 years now and have come a long way. He is very skilled in both playing and teaching guitar. If you are interested in learning acoustic or electric guitar, don't hesitate to join Monthly Guitar Coach today!


Guitar90: Beginners



BETA Launch Lifetime Access

One Payment of $547 --> $447 (Save $100) to get lifetime access including updates and  live group coaching. 

Guitar90: Beginners



Month to Month...No long term commitments. Just $67/month to get Access to the Guitar Made Easy Easy Learning System.

Family Plan



A License for the Whole Family!
Month to Month...No long term commitments. YES, the whole family can learn for just $67/mo!

Grab this FREE MINI GUITAR COURSE! Prove to yourself you can do this. Try it before you invest in it.

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